GREAT3 Leaderboard server downtime

Not the GREAT3 datacentre

In the week beginning 27 October 2014 the GREAT3 Leaderboard web pages will be temporarily shutdown while the server is physically moved to a new home at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester.

Please accept our apologies for the loss of access to the Leaderboard. The GREAT3 data will still be available via ftp from the US Mirror site at:

US Mirror downtime scheduled: 30 March 2014

The US Mirror for the GREAT3 data will be down for a period of 2-3 days beginning Sunday 30 March 2014. This is while the server at the California Institute of Technology undergoes a significant disk upgrade.

Anyone planning downloads from the US Mirror should avoid those days. We will send a reminder to all participants via the email list closer to the time. The primary download site (based in the UK) will be accessible throughout this period.

URGENT: Weekend shutdown of the GREAT3 Leaderboard server

Due to electrical testing and maintenance in the UCL server room, our GREAT3 Leaderboard Server will very likely be shut down over the weekend 14-16 February 2014, starting at 3pm GMT Friday.

We apologise sincerely for the short notice: the shutdown is due to the discovery of a significant electrical fault in the server room by UCL Estates yesterday.

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