The GREAT3 challenge has ended!

GREAT3 Trophy

The ~6 month time period for the GREAT3 challenge ended 23:59:59 Pacific Daylight Time on April 30, 2014.

Congratulations are due to our winners, Team "sFIT", who ranked top in 8 individual branch leaderboards including all the (most challenging) full branches.

However, all teams are to be congratulated for an extremely impressive effort. Many methods performed at a level beyond what has been seen in previous challenges. Many of these now approach (or meet) the accuracy requirements for upcoming Stage IV surveys like Euclid, LSST and WFIRST-AFTA (within our sensitivity due to limited simulation volume, and noting the presence of significant simplifications in the GREAT3 simulations compared to real data).

All 20 challenge branches remain available for download, but for a short period new submissions will not be processed.

We will soon be opening non-competition, post-challenge leaderboards for ongoing submissions, so please watch here and the GREAT3 Leaderboard Page for more details.