Example script for multiepoch data now available

In GREAT3 we have always planned to release example scripts that provide a basic, but far from complete, solution to key parts of the challenge.

The first of these, for doing a simple coaddition of multiepoch data, is now available from the great3-public repository. It is described here (along with the other scripts we have made available for checking submissions).

The script is available directly in the great3-public repository at example_scripts/coadd_multiepoch.py. Please do take a look, see if you can improve it or think of a way to do better, and start running your methods on the multiepoch dataset!

We also invite you to take a look at the GREAT3 Leaderboard: http://great3.projects.phys.ucl.ac.uk/leaderboard/team

There are a number of teams getting excellent scores now. These teams are benefitting from an early start and experience with the data, so don't delay to make your first submission to GREAT3!