The GREAT3 "real_galaxy" experiment data are now available!

Hmmm Pizza!

Simulation data for the realistic galaxy morphology experiment in GREAT3 is now online and available via the GREAT3 Leaderboard site:

Three out of five of the GREAT3 experiment datasets are now fully public (control, multiepoch, & real_galaxy; A.K.A. Vanilla, Dim Sum, & Pizza!), with only the variable PSF (Pop Corn) and full (all effects: Buffet!) datasets still to go online within the next few weeks.

The challenge has begun and the clock is ticking towards the final deadline of 30 April 2014!

We already have a number of entries on the GREAT3 Leaderboard, with Team EPFL_KSB taking an early lead. Now is the time to start downloading and exploring the challenge data.

* For information about how the challenge was built, see the GREAT3 Challenge Handbook:

* For useful information and code to help you prepare and verify a submission to GREAT3, please see the great3-public repository on GitHub at, and particularly the great3-public Wiki:

Good luck to all participants!